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Reflections on Recent U.S. Tragedies

Feeling so sad that people continue to put so much time, energy, and effort into hurting others.

We have so much amazing beauty within people, our country, and our world, so let's start utilizing these blessings and gifts vs. destroying one another. If you are angry, depressed, resentful, stressed, internally-focused, resentful, feeling like hurting self or others, use that energy to be the change we want to see in others, seek help, OR if you are truly planning on doing harm, ONLY act on yourself, not others. We (general population and leaders) MUST focus on supporting one another, lifting ourselves and others up, providing needed education, mental health, addictions, and financial resources to EVERYONE vs. focusing on "protecting" only "certain" people, places, things, and/or "interests". Is this the type of world we envisioned for ourselves, our children, families, friends, and/or others? We should not be afraid to leave our homes for any reason. Our fellow man/woman should watch over our homes while we are away vs.or when struggles happen vs. rummaging through our homes, businesses, etc. We should grab a person's hand if he or she is going to fall vs. stepping on that person to get in front of him or her. Let's use our energy, time, and focus to be people of true character, i.e. respectful, honest, loyal, and authentic; be people who would not hurt someone just because he/she can. LET"S ALL BE THE CHANGE WE SO BADLY WANT TO SEE IN OTHERS. The only things we can control are ourselves, our thoughts, feelings, and actions!!!! So, control yourself please. I am praying for all those impacted by the turmoil in our country/world.