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Choosing a Therapist

Good day all-
So happy you stopped by Firm Foundations Counseling's website.  Wow, that was a mouthful, huh?  This gives us a great opportunity to become introduced with one another and everyone who knows me, knows I love meeting new people.  I am one that truly feels/believes it is a blessing when others allow me into their lives, so always be assured that you are the priority!!
When thinking about what to post on my blog, many topics came to mind; however, one topic that really struck me as extremely interesting and important to address focuses on all the individuals I have met, interacted with, or even hear about that have either had negative experiences with a therapist (past or present), felt that they get or have gotten nothing out of counseling, or those that have never even tried counseling for whatever reason i.e. stigma, not feeling it's a priority, etc.
I think many of us have had negative thoughts, feelings, or even past experiences regarding therapy/counseling; maybe even now, you're working with a therapist who you don't feel is a good 'fit' or helpful to you.  Therapy/counseling CAN definitely be a beneficial, effective addition to your growth, stability, and recovery process, but it takes commitment, support, encouragement, and someone that cares enough to challenge you.  Yes, I said challenging someone in our lives comes from caring and believing that this person CAN and WILL rise above all of the 'junk' we so often refer to as our lives.  Therapy/counseling can be effective for a wide array of challenges including depression, sadness, hopelessness, anxiety, fear, feelings of loss and grief, trauma, abuse, addictions, codependency, behavioral issues, schizophrenia, bipolar; you name it, the list goes on and on; however, the biggest thing to remember is that it starts, continues, and ends with YOU!!  It starts with you opening your mind to the possibility that there are therapists/counselors who are effective, are interested, and truly feel/believe it is a privilege to have you as his or her client.  Mental health, behavioral health, substance abuse, other addictions, relationships, etc. are vitally important aspects of all of our lives and SHOULD receive the attention they deserve, because without emotional, psychological, behavioral, and relational stability and security, nothing can remain balanced.  Always remember that YOU ARE SO VERY IMPORTANT and deserve the best care possible.  If you aren't receiving what you need or deserve, search for someone who can meet your needs because the focus shouldn't be on the therapist/counselor's business, it SHOULD be on you...ALWAYS!  Thank you for taking the time to read my posting.  More postings will follow on a regular basis with resources, advice, links, and of course, receiving and answering any questions you might post on my website.  I would love to have you ask questions because if you are questioning something, there's a good chance that someone else is questioning it as well.
Have a great day!!!  Talk with you soon.  Angela